Multi-ethnic society affects on outbreak of Armed conflicts

This research aims to examine and analyze multi-ethnic societies struggle for constructing a democratic system as well as a stable government to satisfy all ethnic fraction. In addition to this, it focuses on the case of Iraq ethnic fraction post-2003 war.With its failed state government struggle to maintain the peace and security of its civilian due to its newly formed constitution that is build based on partitioning the society ethnically. that lead to an outbreak of armed civil conflict between ethnicities within Iraq. as International interference played a role in supporting a different part of society against another lead to weakening the central government control. with other primaries, as well as secondary conditions, lead the country to reach a dead end when Iraq is a dysfunctional country. Iraq is on top-ranked countries most corrupt worldwide Corruption perception index – transparency international, lost development opportunities, the decline of education and rise of illiteracy, failure of the medical sector. Top-ranked countries most dangerous countries to visit.

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